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The [Accent Modification] course has helped me be aware of my errors. The voice projection was really helpful.                                                                                                                                                            -AB, Licensed Professional Counselor, Spanish Speaker

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Professional Accent Modification Coaching


                                         Is your accent holding you back from your personal and professional goals?                                            Accent modification can open up doors for you; as people find it easier to                                             understand you, opportunities in the workplace and social encounters               become more easily accessible and attainable.


                                           Our head coach is a certified, bilingual speech pathologist who has been                                             clinically educated – a qualification you'll be hard-pressed to find among                                               most corporate communication trainers. She focuses on results-oriented                                                  accent training that maximizes your potential as an effective                                                      communicator, all while retaining your cultural heritage and identity.

A Successful Accent Modification Course...

whose results speak for themselves.


Accent modification can help both native and non-native English speakers.


- Is your dialect or accent interfering with the message you are trying to express?

- Do you find your listeners have a hard time understanding you?

- Are you having to repeat yourself over and over again when you talk?

- Do you want to improve your business speech?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you've come to the right place. Our flexible program helps students:


- improve pronunciation and clarity

- end frustration and save time in conversations

- build self-confidence

- enjoy a competitive advantage at work and at play


To Improve Your American English Accent...

in plain language.


Our workshops are geared toward professionals, particularly in business and medicine, who need to communicate clearly and quickly in fast-paced settings, with workshops also available for students to improve their communication in social situations.


- Convenient formats: via web conferencing, evening times by appointment, online practice tools 

- Proven methodology: our approach draws the best techniques from a variety of methods, including the Compton PESL method, ESL Rules programs and others

- In plain language: our skills-based training is designed for clarity & simplicity

- Personal attention: coaches adapt training to students' needs

- Respect for heritage: our program supports your individuality & cultural identity


Our goal is to improve your communication style by learning the skills to speak in American English with accuracy, clarity, and confidence, and find greater success in your daily professional and personal encounters.



Contact us for more information.

Take a brief test to receive a free, customized report via email with details for your individualized program.

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