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DFW Airway Collaborative

DFW Collaboration


As one of the members of the DFW Airway Collaborative, Marcia realized the value of working with like minded professionals to find root causes for children and adults suffering from Sleep Disordered Breathing. It takes a collaborative team to treat these individuals because there are many factors at play and not one professional can has the skills and training needed to help. 

The following video gives the audience insight of how Conner Deegan

had a complete switch in personality thanks

to the power of collaboration















For example, a child suffering from sleep disordered breathing may have enlarged tonsils and adenoids related to an allergy problem. Where does this mother start in the process of finding her team? Does she start with her pediatrician and get the tonsils and adenoids removed? Or does she start by removing the allergy and helping the child to learn to properly breath, so that the child can learn to breathe through his or her nose?


Adults can also suffer from sleep disordered breathing, such as obstructive sleep apnea. These individuals may also have chronic pain, headaches, and pain while chewing. Where does this person start in the process of finding their team? Do they start with their dentist for treatment of TMJ pain? Or do they start with a speech pathologist to assist with chewing? Or do they go to their doctor for headache treatment? Maybe get a sleep study?

Who is a part of the team?

Our team is composed of a collaborative of experts in their field that have come together to serve your family. The following are examples of the team that have come together—

General dentists


Ear, Nose, and Throat doctors

Pediatric Dentists

TMJ Specialists

nurse practitioners



Whole Body Professionals


Myofunctional Therapists

Speech Language Pathologists

Lactation Consultants

Sleep Consultants

And more...

How can the team help you?

Our team will take care of you in the most efficient way and will communicate with each other so that you don’t feel like you fall through the cracks. You may find that once you establish yourself as a patient with one provider they will connect you with others on the team to help you with whatever is necessary.


We look forward to serving you and your family!

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