Office Intake Process for New Patients

Please click here to obtain a copy of the office policies and procedures including a fee schedule. If the office policies are agreeable, you will have an opportunity to schedule an appointment for an evaluation and deposit. 

The intake process involves submission of forms and prior reports that I will review before the scheduled session and we will conduct an interview and evaluation at the designated time. 

I understand many patients would like to converse before appointments, however my schedule is extremely busy caring for current patients and I don't have much time between patients, continuing education, and office responsibilities to converse on the phone. 

I do offer a free 15 minute Telehealth conference as part of the intake process which is scheduled by appoitnment only. If you feel this is needed prior to scheduling I will arrange it, but I cannot offer any medical advice wihtout conducting a proper evaluation. 

Each patient deserves the highest standard of care and I have found this works best for the intake process. It allows me to take the time for each new patient while properly caring for those already receiving services. 

If you would like to move forward with an appointment, please click on your location of preference. 

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