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Does Online Speech Therapy Really Work?

Updated: Apr 18, 2019

So I get asked all the time: is telepractice as effective as in person speech therapy?

Remember: speech therapy is really about communication. It's about practicing our skills in the areas of understanding, listening, expression, sound production, voice use, and swallowing.

As our world becomes smaller and smaller through globalization and the use of technology, telepractice is a viable option for speech therapy services.

AND YES! Research shows that telepractice or online speech therapy services can be as effective as in person speech therapy services.

Now not everyone is a candidate for online speech services, at Best Speech Therapy, PLLC our speech pathologists evaluate your candidacy for telepractice. If for some reason, online speech therapy services are not a viable option for you, we will assist you in finding an in person speech pathologist who can serve you best.

Our speech pathologists are very flexible and frequently collaborate with in person speech pathologists to provide a hybrid approach to speech therapy.

Marcia Campagna, MS, CCC-SLP, & Maria Adelaide Negreiros - Fonoaudiológa -Speech Pathologist practicing in Brazil teamed up while working in person & online to facilitate oral feeding with a client diagnosed with dysphagia, placed on a feeding tube & recommended to take nothing by mouth. They are now eating by mouth & the feeding tube has been removed! 92 years young! International Success!

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