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My kids are spending too much time in front of the screen...

Why would I opt for online speech therapy? Isn't that just going to add more screen time to their day?

Online speech therapy while waiting to be called for dinner
Online Speech Therapy

First, I completely agree... kids are engaging in enormous amounts of screen time... so how do we manage this? How much is too much? Do I not simplify my life with online learning because I am worried about screen time?

1. Quality

This days we can find anything from services to goods to information online. The internet and the ease it brings to our lives isn't going way. Managing time online is hard for children and adults alike. It's not just about time in front of the screens... it's about the type of time in front of the screen.

Online speech therapy is quality online learning time.

2. Interactive

Teletherapy is not about sitting passively while information is poured over them. Telepractice is about being actively engaged with your speech pathologist. It's about having social interaction with another person online face to face using a computer as a vehicle. They will practice their exercises and address their goals through games, drawing, singing, reading, and more.

3. Zero Mom Guilt

Online speech therapy is convenient and flexible. No stress... no traveling, no traffic, or rushing from one place to the next... no overstimulation... Since there's zero stress... your child is ready to learn... They are excited that they get to use technology to learn... Bonus... Zero Mom Guilt... it's quality online time with a safe person... you can't be that!

4. It works

Online speech therapy is used to treat people of all ages. Best Speech Therapy, PLLC success stories include clear speech, learning how to produce speech sounds, improving language skills, increasing the use of language to communicate, strengthening the muscles of the mouth, clear voice quality, smooth speech, strengthening the swallow function!

Researchers have found few differences between online and in person services.

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