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Orofacial Myofunctional Therapy

Updated: Jul 30, 2019

The muscles of the face and mouth influence teeth, speech, and breathing! The orofacial complex works holistically for healthy living. It is the tongue that provides the stability required in the face for optimal health.

The most basic living function is respiration!

Our nose acts as the body's air filter! It cleans our air before it flows into our lungs!

Filters only work if we have proper oral rest:

  • gently sealed lips

  • Tongue on the roof of the mouth

  • nasal breathing

  • facial symmetry

Oral Rest Posture provides harmony and equilibrium between our muscles and our bones. Growth happens in the width of the jaw providing adequate room for teeth and leading to appropriate growth of the sinus cavity for healthier breathing.

When our tongue, lips, and jaws are correctly positioned, our face is symmetrical, we speak more clearly, and prevent relapse of orthodontic treatment. We swallow appropriately to prevent aspiration, picky eaters, overactive gag reflexes, and vulnerability to swallowing problems as we age.

At Best Myofunctional Speech Therapy, we use fun and easy neuromuscular exercises to retrain the lips, tongue, and facial muscles to rest in the proper place. We work with adults and children. We also encourage our clients to break noxious oral habits like thumb sucking and nail biting.

Pre and Post Myofunctional Therapy Pictures Photo Credit: Simon Says Speech
Pre and Post Myofunctional Therapy Pictures

Correcting Oral Rest Posture and Function can improve:

  • Facial Appearance

  • Dental Occlusion

  • Speech/Articulation

  • Tongue thrust swallow

  • Breathing Patterns

Photo Credit: Simon Says Speech

Orofacial Evaluations available Now! Schedule your appointment today!

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