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Parkinson's and Voice Disorders

Updated: Jan 10, 2019

Many people with Parkinson's Disease experience difficulty with speech clarity and volume. It is not unusual for Parkinson's patients to experience voice dysfunctions and difficulty articulating speech.

Sometimes voice changes are the first signs of Parkinson's Disease which can be easily misdiagnosed with other illnesses.

Speech impairments can lead to social and emotional isolation and reducing quality of life.

The SPEAK OUT! program is designed to increase loudness, decrease breathy voice, improve monotone pitch, improve imprecise pronunciation of words. All of which are important to a person's ability to communicate.

Happy Couple!
Parkinson's Voice Project Voice Therapy program for improving communication in Parkinson's patients

SPEAK OUT! is a maintenance program which relies heavily on home practice to improve and maintain voice, speech, and cognitive skills.

"Parkinson’s patients, especially those who received the training in early stages of the disease, saw improvements in speech intensity, pitch range, reading intelligibility, and vocal quality after SPEAK OUT! therapy."

At MCVS, our head speech pathologist, Marcia, is a certified SPEAK OUT! provider. Marcia is able to provide SPEAK OUT! in English and Spanish.

Book an evaluation today to help your loved one stay involved and prevent social and emotional isolation!

Online speech therapy is easy and convenient and provides flexible scheduling without travel.


Read more about SPEAK OUT! at the Parkinson's News Today.

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