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Stuttering vs Cluttering?

Developmental Stuttering affects 1% of the population and over 3 million individuals in the USA. However, there are less known fluency disorders that include neurogenic stuttering and cluttering.

Both disorders involve disfluencies or repetitions. Both disorders can co-occur.

How does stuttering differ from cluttering?

The differences are seen in the symptoms:

  1. What gets stuck:

  2. Awareness

  3. Rate Differences

  4. Types of disfluencies

  5. Difficulties pronouncing sounds in words

  6. The rhythm and melody of one's speech

  7. How it sounds

  8. Emotional and Cognitive components

  9. Social aspects of language

Check out this brochure by Kathleen Scaler Scott PHD, CCC-SLP from the National Stuttering Association for more information.

At MCVS, our qualified speech language pathologists here to help you. We assess and treat fluency disorders across the lifespan.

Book a stuttering evaluation appointment today!

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