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What is Aphasia?

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

Many people who have suffered from a stroke or brain injury may be familiar with the term Aphasia but have a hard time understanding what that means for communicating with their loved one.

Aphasia is a language based deficit which impacts the person's ability to understand and/or express their thoughts effectively. Aphasia does not affect intelligence.

People with Aphasia still have the ability to think and make decisions, but their inability to communicate their feelings, thoughts, and emotions leads to frustration and isolation.

Happy Couple!
Happy Couple!

More people have aphasia than many other common conditions... there's at least 2,000,000 people in the USA with aphasia.

Research shows that intensive speech therapy can improve a person's communication skills even 10 or more years after their stroke or brain injury that led to Aphasia.

At MCVS, our speech pathologists are clinically trained to work with stroke survivors and other neurological disorders in English and Spanish.

Book an evaluation today to help your loved one communicate and express their thoughts today!

Online speech therapy is easy and convenient and provides flexible scheduling without travel.


Read more about aphasia at the National Aphasia Association.

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