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Encouraging your Child to Use Language

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

"My baby is 12 months old and he still has not said his first word. What should I do? This is a question often asked by parents.

Just because your child hasn't said his first word by his birthday doesn't mean that they are delayed, but it is something to keep an eye on. Below are some ways that parents can encourage children to use language.

1. Don't anticipate your child's needs. Try to let them communicate what they want by using words.

2. Speak slowly and use short phrases.

3. Repeat words and phrases often.

4. Use an animated voice, changing inflection throughout.

5. When saying words, try to get down to eye level so they can say your face, mouth, and lips as you say each word.

6. Praise them for trying to say new words.

7. Sing with your child.

8. If they say a word incorrectly, praise them for trying and then model how to say each word correctly.

At MCVS, our SLPs have experience working with early childhood. Through parent coaching and direct speech therapy online, we can provide effective speech therapy services to facilitate verbal communication with late talkers.

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