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Introducing The Breather

We are so excited to announce that Best Speech Therapy, PLLC is now trained provide Respiratory Muscle Training using the FDA approved device called The Breather.

The Breather is a drug free therapy that for COPD, CHF, Dysphagia, and neuromuscular disease patients.

The Breather

  • Improves airflow through vocal folds for strong speech & effective swallow function

  • ​​Strengthens important respiratory muscles by increasing pressures of inspiration and expiration

  • Effectively clears your airway and cough ability to avoid aspiration and pneumonia

  • ​​Improves the delivery and effectiveness of inhaled medications

  • Eases symptoms of temporary and chronic cardiopulmonary (respiratory and cardiac) issues

  • ​Protects your airway and lungs against irritants, particulates & pathogens

  • ​​Weans off of trach and vent faster, shorten length of stay, and lower your likelihood of re-admission

THE BREATHER is the first drug-free device for those who suffer from shortness of breath, speech and swallow difficulties, and other respiratory issues resulting in respiratory muscle weakness.

It can be used with adults and children to help with optimal breathing by

  • improving Oxygen Saturation

  • Reducing Breathlessness

  • Improving Peak Cough Flow

  • Reducing Hyperinflation

  • Improving Speech Performance

  • Promoting a safer swallow

In addition, we offer The Breather Voice to improve vocal cord strength, build breath support, increase breath stability, and decrease respiratory fatigue.

Benefits of RMT for Professional Voice Users

  • Improve vocal strength

  • Supports extended vocal range

  • Increase breath support

  • Increase breath stability

  • Improves resonance and timbre

  • Generates improved airflow through vocal folds

  • Reduces shortness of breath

  • Decrease respiratory fatigue

  • Increase lung capacity

  • Assists in airway clearance

Get started today and purchase your The Breather now by clicking on the picture! Schedule your initial appointment by emailing

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