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Voice Training Packages Explained!

Many people don't like the way they sound and want to use their voice in a way that expresses who they are. At Best Speech Therapy, PLLC, we help you do just that!

Our Voice and Communication Program was developed by a Speech Pathologist and Vocologist team. It's the dream team for Gender Affirming Voice Care. We put our technical and artistic brains together to create a well balanced program that addresses all our your voice needs whether that may be voice feminization, voice masculinization, or voice neutralization needs.

We include movement, how you hold you body, how much space you take up, and your overall presence. We help you learn to control your voice, so that you can use it differently in various situations, i.e leadership voice vs social voice vs writing voice while maintaining the gender affirming voice.

The initial evaluation is the first step to finding the voice who expresses you authentically. The voice evaluation is important because it makes sure your voice is healthy before we start voice and communication training.  It is conducted by a Speech Language Pathologist and is required for all clients. VCT is professional voice training and it's important to start with a healthy voice to avoid hurting your voice while training.

For VCT, we offer package discounts paid in full upfront as well as pay as you go.  The VCT sessions are conducted by our vocologist with an option for a co-treat with an SLP as needed or recommended by the vocologist. 

The packages are a great deal and our clients really seem to love them because it helps them to commit to practice and attendance, especially when you are just getting started.

We offer the following Packages: 

  • 6 sessions (1 hour each) - Voice Exploration

  • 12 sessions (1 hour each) - Voice Styling

  • 24 sessions (1 hour each) - Voice Expression

Most of our clients pick the Voice Styling package which contains 12 sessions. It is just enough to hear and see a change in your voice. By the time the package end, they are ready to start increasing the time between sessions while using functional practice to generalize the voice to their everyday lives.

The Voice Exploration package is meant to be an introductory package for those that are not sure about doing this work... It really isn't enough to get a clear change in your voice but it will definitely get you on the right path. So if you're not sure what to to, this might be a good way to slowly immerse yourself into Voice and Communication Training.

The Voice Expression package is for finding your voice, learning to use your voice, and generalizing your voice to your everyday life with consistent support from our Vocologist/SLP team.

Research states it can take 24-29 sessions for voice feminization. On average, it takes our staff approximately 15 sessions for our clients to find and use their new voice... However, some people take less time and others take more time depending on many individual factors... You always have the option to pay as you go!

Want to get started now? Fill out the Voice Modification Questionnaire to book your initial evaluation today.

Have more questions? Email us:

We can't wait to help you meet your voice modification goals! So excited you are ready to take this step!

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