• Marcia Campagna

What is Gender Acceptable Pitch?

Gender acceptable pitch is a speaking voice pitch where you are correctly gendered some or most of the time based on voice alone.

Gender acceptable pitch is one of the goals targeted in voice training and communication.

The range is between 150-185 Hz for transwomen. This range keeps your voice sounding natural and gives you room for upward pitch inflections during speech.

These upward pitch inflections give our voices a natural melody and keeps the listener interested. They also provide non-verbal information to the listener to further clarify your message.

Normative data indicates the ciswoman pitch range is very large given that female pitch tends to decrease with age. This is to your advantage if you are wishing to increase your pitch. It means that you are capable of achieving a perceptually feminine voice.

With support and guidance from a speech language pathologist who has advanced training in voice, you can change the way you sound and keep it natural in less than a year if you practice daily and attend your voice training and communication sessions consistently.

Get started today and schedule your voice evaluation with Rosy Lemus-Elkurd, CFY-SLP or Marcia Campagna, MS, CCC-SLP.

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