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The Courage to show Compassion

While on vacation in Europe, I had the exciting experience of visiting the Scottish Parliament. Little did I know that the World Press Photo Exhibition would take me into the depths of human compassion.

The photography was outstanding and it moved me in a way that I cannot explain. As I write this blog, I feel tingling all over my body as the hairs on my arms stand up. I felt so much from these pictures. It was a connection "to the stories that matter" (World Press Photo's Mission) that I cannot shake.

Transgender is such an important story about humanity. Transgender are people who just want to be who they are. They want to be loved for who they are...

I was surprised and in awe to see the photograph below win second place singles in Contemporary Issues. The awareness is wonderful and exciting for the Transgender community.

2nd Prize Singles - Cotemporary Isses World Press Photo
Photo: Guilio Di Sturco

Thailand leads the world for medical tourism. They are known for their strong niche in gender affirming surgery. This photo was taken in a Thailand hospital.

It takes compassion and courage to support others in their journey.

Compassion is what all people want and seek. It takes courage to show compassion for others. I applaud this photographer for his courage and compassion.

MC Voice and Speech Center is a safe place. We provide transgender voice training services while helping you find a voice that fits your identity.

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